• Drum and bass recording for new Boudoir album

    18 oktober 2015 | Blog
  • Boudoir have started recording for their new album at Studio peggy51. BOUDOIR is an Amsterdam-based project formed by two founding members of San Francisco's SMITTEN (available on Spotify as Smitten SF), Ala Sharon and Damon Fries. Their musical style wanders between Shoegazer, Dark wave, Dreampop, Heavenly Voices and Gothic.┬áToday we recorded drums (Ronald Renirie) and bass (Raymond Rotteveel) for the upcoming album to be released next year.

    We selected the following mics for drums: Coles 4038 for overheads, Royer R121 for room mics, Sennheiser 421 for toms, Shure sm57 on snare top, Neumann km84 on hats, AKG D112 kick in, AKG C414 kick out.