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    Amongst others: The Vagary, No Ninja Am I, Kali Libra, Orange Outlaw, Kids From Harbortown, Latrine, Van Hoek, Showdog, Anthony B, Nexo Shape, Some Weird Sin, Cheap Thrills, The Lendyls, Death Defying Life, Devotees, Stoneridge, Chinup, Tomas Day Band, Rotem Perach, The Föhnetics, The Heretics, Van Dik Hout, PIET, Klopje Popje, Laura Estevez, Wolfhunters, BenK & De Dominators, Yung C, OSSI, Stereotypes, Zed Zodin, Kraft records, Got It, Johan Hoogeboom, Groove Scene Investigation, So What?, Blackstone, Overbodige Luxe, Partyband Online, De Bergse Leut Brigade, 2B4, Late Again, Shooting Dice, Different Roads, Eva Sur Seine, Little Boogie Boy, Shtetl Band Amsterdam, Chilly Palmer Grooveband, Blood Sweat and Kiers, Vreemd, We Against Us, Scoops / Ruud de Vries, Niteshift, Jazztraffic met Colette van Wickenhagen, Stefka, Just Say Jazz, Tommy Moustache, The Delicate Project, Mijne Heeren, Circuit, Orville Breeveld, Edmond Redd, Dice, Clover Jean, mr. a balladeer, Back Morton House, Yori Swart, Shermanology, The Soulkeys, Melissa, Hanguman, Rop Janze, Seance, Boudoir, Raiser, United by Music, Het Ouderkerks Gedempte-Havenkoor, Hoover, Vitali Usanov, Catch Of The Day, De Bende, Ann Favery, The City Hollers, Reveller, Velvvet, Alantia, Captain Orthegon, Seance, The Vulgarettes, Guy Zinger, Impulse 29, The Works, Scoop, Four The Same, Nancy's Revenge, Radio Acoustic, Prepare2unload, Shamanluna, Hylash, Endemol, The Guttersnipes, Sebaz, Bluestone, Adamastor, Juke Joint Jimmies, Elevator, Sarah Jane, Circuit, Ahrayeph, The Timers, Wouter Kiers Quintet, SOJazz, The Good View, Roots Palmera, Radio Eliza, Jojo León, Hope, CC Club, Happy Notes Society, Pedro Luis, Kurt Rosa, Bossom Lomer, Las Chicas del Barrio, Kauw, Panic Tape, Born A Tribe, Thee Wreckers, Swingende Giraffen, Maggie Brown, Jagd, Sneaky Sneakerz!?, Skere Heren, Salina & Co, Petaluma, Raggende Manne, Tin Pan Project, Gunyama, Moses, Tobacco Flavoured Kisses, Defazer, Fort Bliss, Zoo Parade, General Redbeard, Molton Grove, Carlyn, Sin Bad, Elec Music, Lui Paard, Sound Education, Tape Toy, The Estate, Holbeck, Daniël Dojčinović, Sweet Mary Jane, Risky Roads, Roest, De Breek, Michael Wouters, From Mars To Mercury, The Busquito's, Roest, The Irrational Library, Duo Trio, The Slideshows, Gunyama, Alfons Verreijt, Ganz, Aad Aalberts, The Rivals, Virtuoso, Keys & Copper, Rusty Cage, Yellofox, Mount Turmoil, Dion Nijland, Men From The North, Burning Roses, Lucky Losers Jazz Band, Loupe, Musicmaker magazine, Mountaineer, The One And Only, Neco Novelas, Painted Pillars, Tommy Tornado & The Clerks, DEON, Cloud9Music, Katja Kruit, Melle, Lifeblood, Savine, Able Bodied Seamen, Het Verbondt, Philine, Chris Richter.