• Recording new songs with Roots Palmera

    7 september 2016 | Blog
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  • Recording session with Roots Palmera

    As always, a great vibe in the studio when recording with Roots Palmera! As preparation for their ABC tour we recorded 3 new songs. Roots Palmera play Caribbean reggea inspired dance music with hint of rock to it. They won't rest untill you start to move. The 3 new songs have been recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio peggy51 and are released now. Check them on the streaming platforms or watch the great vids they have made.

    Roots Palmera are:

    Vox + console: Ivo Schwengle, Strings: Lino Tjon-En-Fa, Lows: Marc Cheung, Pots: Tarek Nava, Bones: Jean Carlos Croes, Batter: Alex Kamsteeg, Blower: Matti Pronker, Saxiness: Roque Tromp.

    Spotify links: The Caribbean One, Pick & Choose

    Find more info on en concert dates at their Facebook page.


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